Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trojan T28 Repair, Again

Well, the last time I took out my wonderful Airfield/FMS Trojan T-28, I was experimenting with the flaps and coming in for slow passes.  I was having a log of fun with this.  Until I came in low and hit that point where it tip stalled and did the left roll thing down into the ground.  Everything after that was pretty much a blur.  The air frame survived without much more than scratches, but a lot of little things suffered.  Needless to say I now have a bunch of repairs to do.

So now here is my list of my needed repairs:
The nose gear strut has a nasty compound bend.
  It's not real clear from this photo but the bend is mostly back and also to the side.

The nose gear door broke the horn.
I've tried gluing this part several times and with different glues and have yet to find a good solution.  I've tried super glue, epoxy, and model glue.  Nothing holds very well and eventually breaks loose.

The right wing gear came loose.
It was only loose, but I decided to take it out completely to make sure it gets secured in good.

The left wing flap servo is jammed.
This is a view of the servo after being removed.

This video shows how the servo is sort of functioning, but you can hear is clicking as the gears skip.  Sorry for the blurry image.  If it was clear you could see the current and voltage readings on the meters.

The motor mount/firewall is loose.
You can see from this video that something is loose and in multiple directions.

There are also several misc repairs such as a loose cowl exhaust flap.
The flap here isn't broken, but it is loose and a little floppy.

Well now you know what I'll be doing for the next few (or many) blog post.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Please feel free to post comments, good or bad, and be sure to come back and check for future posts.

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