Thursday, May 29, 2014

Richie's Birthday Party Fly-in

Have you ever wondered what to do for a birthday party for an RC enthusiast?  Have you ever wondered what to give an RC enthusiast?  It can be tough to figure out.  Especially when they are over 16.  Everybody likes to have fun with their friends and family, so what better to do than have a birthday party fly-in with your family and RC enthusiast friends.

This is what Richie's wonderful wife did for him.  She secretly notified all of his flying friends at Sacramento Area Parkflyers and organised a BBQ surprise at the Bilby flying area.  This is a little bit of the RC Flying Fun that we had thanks to Richie and his wife.

Shaky Dave really puts Richie's birthday wing through its paces, and how!

Not just aircraft, but cars too!  Squishy let's a couple of the guys try out his sic fast RC Ferrari before he smokes it's electronics.

A bunch (6?) of planes really put on a show with no collisions!  These guys know their stuff when it comes to piloting these wings.  I think that Dr. Bob as become one of the best and as far as I know he has only been at it with the wings since last summer.

Time to leave and everyone wants to get a last flight in.  Stu gets the walk of shame twice! Ouch.  I had to point this out since he called me on a failed take off and had to walk out to fix it.  There's no film of my fail cause, well, too difficult to film myself.   Richie is rightly proud of one of his new wings and touts its durability.  Supposed to be one last quick flight, yeah right!  Things wind down with Dr. Bob and Shaky Dave comparing motors.

As you can see, if you have the need to throw a birthday party or any sort of event for an RC enthusiast, then get a bunch of their RC flying buddies together at a good flying field with good food (preferably BBQ) and let the fun begin.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fun With My SAP Buds at Bilby

Now, before you get a little upset that I may be being rude about my friends, let me make it clear that I mean my Sacrament Area Parkflyer buds.  You can check us out and get some more information about where we commune and fly at this site

I went out to my favorite flying area to have some RC flying fun (I like the Bilby site because it's the closest to me) and hit a snag.  I was in such a hurry to get out there that I forgot the wing spar for the one airplane I brought!  Since I could not fly, I decided to video those that were out there and record the fun and commerrodery.  The video isn't great because all I had with me was my cell phone, but I think you will enjoy them anyway.

In this video a nice 4 stroke 3D plane has problems with stalling before take off as a nice foam jet comes in for a landing.  While waiting for the 3D plane to take off, Dr Bob gets ready and tosses up an insanely speedy little wing of his and puts it through its paces.

In this video the 3D 4 stroke comes in for a nice landing while Richie is getting ready to take off his big wing with landing gear.  It's a big heavy wing so he gives himself a lot of run way.  Those of us parked at then end are grateful for the courtesy.  Surprisingly it takes off quickly. It wobbles around quite a bit but Richie soon takes control and flies it quite nicely.  Then someone gets ready to maiden their Apprentice but is troubled with steering issues.

In this video, a really cool foam jet takes of.  This is the same foam jet that landed in a previous video.  No, this video is not out of order, this is another flight.  It took some distance to take off and from my angle, it almost looked like it was going to end up in the back of my Jeep.

This next video starts with a really nice flyby from the foam jet that took off in the last video.  Just after if flew by, Richie landed his big wing with landing gear.  Unfortunately he came down a little heavy and collapsed the nose wheel.  We take a closer look while the foam jet makes some sweet flybys.  After a few more low and casual passes he comes in for a nice landing.

Dr Bob takes out another screamer.  Too bad about 3/4 of the way through while going vertical, the motor screws come loose and the prop catches the right side of the prop slot.  You can hear this in the video.  The result is that the torque causes the motor to spin and rip all of the motor wires out!  Despite this, Dr Bob deftly brings in this wing with a nice glide and drops it right at his feet.

Quite often we have someone maiddening their new plane.  That is the case with this beautiful new WW2 biplane.  Unlike the Apprentice earlier, this one actually gets a chance and flight.  Let's see what happens.
Yeah, OK, I don't know what happened, but needles to say, it didn't last too long.  He'll get a lot of help and make another attempt soon.

We have a lot of fun out here and also at the other sites around the Sacramento area.  Come out and join us, the more the merrier.  There are no fees or dues, we just ask that everyone fly and behave respectfully and also take care of the areas we fly at.

Hope to see you out there!

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