Monday, December 5, 2011

Well hello everyone.

This is the start of my new blog chronicling my long overdue renewed enthusiasm into radio controlled model airplane fun.  Many, many years ago when I was a teenager (my kids will say "in cave man time", but they're wrong that was my parents time!), I was intrigued by model airplane building and radio or remote controls.  I built several planes.  The early ones from balsa wood, glue, and paper.  Then came mono coat (wow, what a difference from paper and dope... no not that dope!).  My last two planes made use of a new building material called Styrofoam.  One plane only used it for the wing while the entire other plane was made from it.  Styrofoam still had some drawbacks as you could not use most of the normal glues on it and you could not paint it without special and expensive paints.  To paint the wing on the one plane, I had to first apply several liberal coats of a mixture of white glue and talcum powder.  And sand between each coat.  Then I could paint it.  Well, it doesn't make much difference now as both planes died horrible deaths at the hands of an unskilled pilot.  I do still have the engine from the all foam plane somewhere, but that's all I have left over from the "early years".

So now, I'm back into things and really loving it.  I am back into this activity surprisingly enough because of my Dad (yeah, the one from the "cave man time").  He has some friends who are into the sport and they hooked him up with a Wild Hawk from, of all sources, Harbor Freight!  Well, he really liked it and since my birthday (yes the most recent of a lot of them) was coming up, he bought me one two (thanks Dad, one of the best birthday gifts of all time, a chance to be young again.  My kids sure don't help with that!).  My experiences with this plane prompted me to start a blog dedicated to that plane.  That blog can be seen at this link: My Wild Hawk Experience.  While I like this blog, and expect to keep it up, it is dedicated to my experiences with just that plane.  This blog will be about my experiences with all things radio controlled.  I currently have the wild Hawk and a foam plane that I got as a gift a years ago (crappy plane that barely flew.  I will be doing extensive modifications to the un-named plane and hopefully turning it into a real fun flyer (see below).

Soon I hope to be purchasing one of the available versions of a Trojan T-28.

As I am new to this, I will also be reviewing my journey into AMA membership and joining a local flying club.  So, join this site and come back for more!

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