Saturday, December 31, 2011

Battery Scare

My new LiPo
Hello all,

So this morning I'm laying in bed thinking about modding my transmitter battery when I realized that I had left my brand new Turnigy 2200 Lipid battery on my Tenergy charger all night! I had flown the previous day and wanted to make sure it was charged up if I had an opportunity to fly the next day. Well I had put it on the charger later that evening and forgot about it! Since none of our smoke alarms were going off I knew it had not overheated and burst into flames. Even so, I was glad that I had placed the charger and battery in a metal pan on the tile counter top in our kitchen so that if it had "burst into flames", the damage would be minimal. Now that I was pretty sure there was no fire (no alarm, remember), I was wondering what would be the state of the battery. I had visions of a puffed up, bloated, and worthless battery pack.

Team Tenergy charger and wall adapter
I rushed down stairs and into the kitchen. No scorched pan. No burnt smell. And, best of all, no puffed or bloated battery pack, and the charger light was still green! I quickly unplugged everything and checked it all out. The battery was not puffed at all or even warm. The charger was not warm and neither was the power adapter.

A closer look at the Team Tenergy charger
Wow, was I happy. This inexpensive Team Tenergy charger did exactly what I would want a charger to do, charge the battery appropriately and then turn off the charging. This has been a great little charger. I know it only charges at one amp (which means long charge times for large packs) and can only charge up to 4 cells, but right now that's all I need and it can charge from a wall power adapter or car battery. This little charger is easy to use as well as it has a red light to show that it is charging and a green light to show when it's done, and it does balancing too. Needles to say, I am very happy with this charger.

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