Friday, July 12, 2013

T28 update and putting test equipment to good use

I really wanted to put my test equipment to use and I needed to check out my Airfield T28 with possible BEC/receiver/servo issues.  So I put it all together in this one big post.

This was a complicated subject with all the test equipment and airplane gear so I decided to try my hand at a video post.  So, here goes.

Thank you for watching my video post, let me know how you like this format.

Update to the video:

Further inspection showed that the faulty servo was not the steering servo but the door servo.  In the following photo you can see the bottom servo is the same servo that was over heating in the video.  You can also see that the push rod from the servo is flexed a lot.  This is obviously putting a lot of stress on the servo and is most likely the cause of the current draw.  Something will have to be done about this during the repair.

Stressed servo that failed

I have noticed that the current generation of the Airfield/FMS 1400mm Trojan T28 do not use a servo for these doors but instead uses spring linkage.  I may go this route for this repair and cut one servo from my count.

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