Monday, October 31, 2016

Rebuild and Conversion Projects

I have kind of started to find my niche in this hobby and realized that I am enjoying taking old and slightly broken planes and rehabbing and converting to electric.

You may have noticed my last post of my Foamy Rehab.  This was one of the projects that started me on this route and I should have a second part soon.  As I recall, I picked this one up at the same swap meet at the first red plane below.  I think it was thrown in for free and included an old micro receiver, 2 micro servos, brushless ESC, and a motor.

Here are some of my current projects.

I received this from a buddy for free!  It included 2 servos.

I picked this one up at a swap meet for about $30 including 2 servos.  This was originally setup for nitro and I had a little bit of cleanup to do.

I got this one at the swap meet along with the above for about $20 including 4 servos and motor

This is my latest gem that I picked up for $50 including servos, brand new motor and OrangeRX receiver.  This one was also setup for nitro but had no signs that it had ever been run let alone flown!

I have several other electric and slope wings that I will get to, but these are on my bench now.  I have a bunch of photos and hope to be posting updates as soon as I get time.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Please feel free to post comments, good or bad, and be sure to come back and check for future posts.

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