Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

So not enough candles.
So, it's my birthday (well a few days ago) and it was a big one, and my wife, the understanding and sweet wife she is, said that I should order the RC airplane I've been wanting for some time!  Now I've been pining for one of these since I first saw one over a year ago.  The plane I saw was a T28 Trojan (Parkzone).  I just loved the look and size of that plane.  And now, my wife was telling me to go buy one! Woo whoo!

On Sunday, I started reviewing all of my options for a T28.  First off I have to say that I was not interested in the small versions (800mm).  I wanted a big one!  After reviewing the Durafly (1100mm and retracts), Parkzone (1120mm), Dynam (1270mm and retracts), and Airfield (1400mm and retracts) models, I chose the big one, the Airfield, from Nitro planes.  Now it was by far the most expensive (about $280 including shipping), but aside from being the biggest, it had the coolest features.  These include lights, sequenced landing gear and doors, flaps, cowl flaps, and a 2.4GHz 6 channel transmitter!

Now I'm really excitted!

Was hoping there would be a big
picture of it on the box.  Oh well.
On Monday, I signed up for an account and ordered my birthday present.  By the end of the day, my order was processed and ready for shipping.  By Wednesday, it was on my doorstep!  Granted it only had to go from LA to Sacramento (both in California), but still, I only selected the base UPS ground shipping.

With the top off
All of the big parts laid out
Nice battery even if the charge cable
is a little short.
Now I did order the RTF version (mostly because they were back ordered on the ARF), but it is anything but RTF.  After about 2 hours I had it together with the glue drying (rudder and elevator need to be glued together) and all of the servo connection hooked up.  I guess the RTF part is that I had everything to fly, including the battery and radio.  I only needed to assemble it and charge the battery.  This thing is a monster!
The beast, all put together.

Now I'm all ready to fly and waiting for good weather.

Soon I'll have an update on how it flies and hopefully not one on how it crashes.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Please feel free to post comments, good or bad, and be sure to come back and check for future posts.

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