Friday, March 30, 2012

Using A Servo Tester

OK, so now admit it, how many times have you installed a servo and hooked up linkage, assuming that it was centered, only to find out it was not.  Come on, admit it, all of you have done this at one time.  Why have we done this?  Because we are all too lazy to hook everything up to a receiver and battery and to power on a transmitter.  That's why you need a servo tester.

This is the Turnigy servo tester that I found and purchased.

You can connect up to 3 servos and test them all at the same time.  There are three settings that are cycled through by the press of a button.  The default when powered up is the manual dial.  Press the button and it goes to center.  Another press of the button and now it cycles from one end to the other and will continue until you change the setting or run out of battery.  To power this little guy I purchased a 4x AA battery holder from Radio Shack and added a servo connector.  I have also used this device to test speed controllers and retractable landing gear.  For testing an ESC, no battery is needed if it has an included BEC.

The only draw back is that the LED is way too bright and blinding if you're not careful.

Here is a video showing this device in action.

For about $6 you just cannot go wrong with one of these and it's a must for any toolbox.

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