Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Turnigy Brushless ESC Programing

Hello all,
Recently I purchased a nice Turnigy TY-P1 25Amp HEXFET Brushless Speed Controller that was reported to be programmable through your transmitter throttle stick movements.  Well, it is programmable, but I could never get any correct documentation for this one.  It also listed this Turnigy TYP1 ESC programmer as an optional item.  In my infinite wisdom, I did not buy the programmer with the speed controller.  I finally gave in and purchased it and now wish I had from the beginning.  It's small, light, and really easy to use, and really inexpensive.
 Here are all the pieces that are needed to get the programming done. I have here a LyPo battery pack for power, along with the brushless speed controller and programmer.  The first thing is to hook up the brushless speed controller to the programmer.  The programmer has two connections noted as BATT for battery and BEC.  Since this brushless speed controller has a BEC it can be connected to the BEC input and no battery is needed on the battery connection.

Once the battery is connected to the speed controller, it lights up with the current program.

To change any of the settings, use the up and down scroll button to select the feature to be changed.

Now use the left and right scroll key to select the setting for the feature that is desired to be changed.

Once you have all the settings the way you want them, use the OK button to save the settings to the speed controller.  When you do this the light above the OK key will flash blue and then turn off when done.

I really like this programmer and it certainly is small enough to take anywhere.

I added this video of me programming my ESC.

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  1. I'm new at electric helicopter, I see a lot of videos on programing and I'm still confused. I have a Turnigy 30A ESC(BEC)and a 2627 turnigy motor,
    The battery is a 800mah 3s 20C. I see some are using a seperate battery for programing besides the main battery using a program card.
    Can you tell me what Items I need to have in order to program the ESC with my Turnigy programing card. I think I can follow the programing steps on card.
    Thank you for your attention to my request.

  2. The deal is that the programmer needs power along with everything else. If the ESC has an included BEC, then the connection from the ESC to the programmer will power the programmer (when a battery is connected to the ESC of course). If the ESC does not have an included BEC, then another power source will be needed, and attached to the programmer power connection. So, if your ESC has a BEC, then what you need is your LiPo battery, ESC, and programmer. This way your LiPo battery will power both your ESC and programmer. Nothing else is needed.


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